September 19, 2018

Chip I have been remiss in not getting this note to you sooner. In a word, the rig looks fabulous! Brand new is another way to put it. Sure it still has plenty of 1986 feel to it, but the body work and interior are absolutely first class jobs...especially considering the condition it was in when it left Albany. The modern touches like a great radio only add to the quality of the job. We are going to play with it a bit here before taking it to our Block Island house. Thanks again for a great restoration.

Greg Serio

Latham, NY

May 4, 2017


Many years later, here we are. The kids think it's awesome, and in the course of driving to the gas station, two people cat-called (they were not women, of course, but middle-aged men, which seems the real target audience for this vehicle. Evelyn, my beautiful bride, doesn't have to worry about me picking up women in a chick magnet middle-aged-crisis-mobile; apparently it's more of an old-guy-magnet). I'm just entertained as can be. Thanks for hanging in there with me through the years. Somethings are worth the wait.

Terrence C.

Nov. 17, 2017

Hi Chip, To say that we are in love would be an understatement! She is absolutely beautiful and it is so nice to be able to step back into 1991 and drive a real car and not a computer. We get so many compliments and are just blown away by how happy people are when they see her. Hope you and your family are well and had a great Thanksgiving. I will send you pics of our Wagonmaster (aka Flower) adventures along the way and will be sure to be in touch. Thank you so much for keeping these cars alive-you have one of the better jobs:) Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

All the best,

Maria and Duncan

Mar. 6, 2014

Hello Leon

Looks like you are still selling the pride and joy of SUVs. I still remember how much I enjoyed my woody that I bought from you back in 1997. I drove Boy Scouts all over the map for 10 years and loved every minute of the ride. I hope you are healthy and counting cash!

My Best,

Bob Mayer

Gold River, CA

April 20, 2013

Leon & Chip,

Although my new '91 Wagoneer arrived 10 days ago, I just returned today from my travels to see it for the first time. I am simply amazed with how perfect it is! Due to your professional follow up with my order I was expecting a very nice vehicle. My only problem is that this car is so nice I hate to drive it unless the sun is out. The car looks, feels and smells brand new, everything works as promised and I am sure it is reliable enough to take across the country. Thanks for doing everything that you said you would do and exceeding my highest expectations.

Tim Borden

Steamboat Springs, CO

March 10, 2013

Wow! Definitely worth the anticipation (which was killing me) but was kind of part of the fun. Toying with driving it home instead of the BMW in a little while. The engine just purrs. Thank you for the beautiful job you and your team did. It's kind of unreal. It looks like a giant toy. By the way, Doyle and his wife were so incredibly nice and great ambassadors for your business!

Another very happy customer,

Michael Moy, Jersey City, NJ

October 23, 2011


I never told you how happy I was about our Grand Wagoneer. Of course, Margaux is thrilled with how pretty it looks and how it drives. That is the MOST important thing. However, I have looked at all the details that you have paid attention to and am completely amazed with what you have done. This thing looks like it has been preserved in a time capsule. It is truly a great vehicle. So, thank you for making both the car and the experience so special.

Steve Drake

Grand Rapids, MI

February 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Miller,

Well, for the first time in our 32 years of marriage my wife surprised me this Christmas. When we passed through Kerrville in early December, I just had to make a stop at your dealership. I had never seen such an amazing display of vintage Wagoneers! My wife and I looked at the '83 Wagoneer which had only 25,000 miles on it and could not believe it. It literally looked like it was just driven off the showroom floor. When I learned the original owner was none other than Red Skelton, it intrigued me even further. While I didn't buy it I talked about it all the way home (4 hours). My wife took a leap of faith that I REALLY wanted it and bought it for my Christmas present. When it arrived, it was even in better condition than when I had last seen it. Not a speck of dust and detailed perfectly. It cranked on the first try and drives like a charm. The leather seats are softer than on my Audi and the handling is amazing. Thanks for all your help in making this happen. Your service has been exceptional. Hope to come by and visit next time we are in Kerrville.

Thanks again,

Bill Baxley, DDS

Beaumont, TX

October 6, 2010

Hi, Leon -

The Grey Lady arrived safe and sound today. She is just gorgeous and I was like a kid getting their first car when she was driven off the ferry today. Many oohs and ahs among the Steamship Authority personnel. Love the cup holder and mug! It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. You are all extremely professional, with a warmth and friendliness that we aren't used to here in frosty New England.

All the best,

Debbie Bryan

Nantucket Island, MA

September 3, 2010

The GW arrived this morning, and she is a BEAUTY!!!! AND she drives like a dream to boot! Thanks so much for the expedited arrangements to get her here today - sincerely appreciate it, Leon! We will take great care of her... Kind Regards,

Chris Nero

Narragansett, RI

March 17, 2010

Hi Leon,

The Jeep arrived and was picked up last week in Amsterdam port, it looks great!! Today I had it checked by authorities to get Dutch license and it passed without any remark. They were amazed by the state of the car and mentioned they'd never seen a USA car from this age in this condition...

Kind regards,

Vincent deVos

The Netherlands

November, 2009

Leon, you are a class act!

Les and Catherine Novikoff

Rio Rancho, NM

August 7, 2013

Dear Leon and Chip:

Although my '79 Chief arrived over a week ago, I've only really had the chance to drive it in the last day. All I can say is it is as-advertised and then some. It looks and drives like it just came off the factory line. The only issue I have with the truck is that when I drive it through town, every other person at a stoplight wants to talk about it! Even though its paint is factory-perfect, I cannot wait to see how the Chief handles in the bad weather this winter. Thanks also for going the extra mile to help get the car Colorado emissions-qualified. As you know, I had my mechanic give it a look-over and other than the bit of emissions work needed, he could not believe the condition of the truck. You two and Wagonmaster have exceeded my highest expectations and are examples of kind of honesty and follow-through folks used to take for granted when doing business. I would (and will) recommend you to anyone with an appreciation for full-size jeeps.

Warm Regards,

Chris Murray

Denver, Colorado

July 31, 2007

Dear Mr. Miller:

I am delighted to inform you that my son Peter and I won "Best of Show" in our 1949 Jeepster on July 15th. The Amherst/Williamsville Rotary Classic Car Show is the largest annual in our town. We received the "President's Award" from the Chamber of Commerce; voted Best by the judges from nearly two hundred cars that entered! Needless to say, we were thrilled. The Jeepster we purchased from you is running great...and is a real "head turner" around here. This is certainly a testimonial to your great interest and restoration of these classics. I have enclosed a picture of my son, just after the judging.

With kindest regards,

Stephen S. Obletz

Amherst, NY 

March 19, 2007

Got the car over the weekend! Despite an awful snow/ice storm in NY and the northeast, the drivers got me the car without incident and called several times to up-date me on their status along the way. They just couldn't have been more responsible/nicer guys! Whatever transport company you're using is TOP-FLIGHT! And I absolutely LOVE the car! It's everything (and more) I had hoped it would be! It started right up off the truck and I have been enjoying it all weekend. It is simply MINT CONDITION as you promised, Leon. So many thanks and it's been a true pleasure doing business with you. You delivered on everything in a first-class way. I will highly recommend you and your company to ANYONE I can! I am sure I will be back for another at the appropriate time!

All good things to you, Leon, and thanks again!

James Dixon

Manhasset, NY

February 25, 2007

Dear Leon,

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my new Wagoneer. It is as advertised and I could not be more pleased. Your name and reputation is EXACTLY what all have told me about you and your product. What a great vehicle. It is always nice to do business with people who do and say the right thing. Your wife, kids and grandchildren should be proud of Grandpa!


Richard Preis Baton Rouge

Sept. 26, 2006

Dear Leon, Thanks for the hitch covers, we are back from Italy. We drove about 2,000 miles with our Grand Wagoneer without any problems and while going home, fully loaded going about 75 mph, we made about 14 miles to the gallon!! Enjoy the pics.

Regards, Fritz & Christine

Probst, Germany


March 19, 2006

Well, Katie and I along with our new friend, Leo, are safe and sound after a mostly uneventful 21 hours of driving from Kerrville, TX to Snowmass, CO. We christened our new Jeep Wagoneer after Mr. Leo Reuther, the founder of the best Jeep dealership in the world.....The first night we spent in Fort Stockton, TX. Then we drove 12 hours through New Mexico, and ended at Durango, CO.....stayed at the fabulous Palmer Hotel. Drove Leo through some serious snow between Durango and Montrose. Three passes. Lots of snow. Roads closed to most, but not us. Then we took the back way over another pass and another snowstorm to get to Carbondale, then up to Snowmass. Lost one hubcap cover and all else is fine.

Robert G. Clark

CLAYCO St. Louis, MO

February 6, 2006


I wanted you to know I received my vehicle Sun. morning. Everything looks fine and it runs great. The only problem is I can't go anywhere without spending ten minutes talking to people about the vehicle. Just kidding of course. Heads are turning in Indianapolis.

My best to you,

Terry Eaton


April, 2005

Dear Leon,

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I first checked your web page when I heard of Wagonmaster. In 1988 I bought a new 1988 Grand Wagoneer and made a terrible mistake trading it. For all these years, I have always wanted another one with low mileage and in excellent condition. After talking to you by phone, I immediately wired you the money for a 1989 GW, sight unseen. Your voice and pictures of the vehicle convinced me that I really didn't need to visit you before buying it. I have told everyone you did everything you promised me. I actually feel as if I have a brand new 1989 Grand Wagoneer. It is so sharp and clean. The 68,000 miles won't hurt a bit.You may use my name and phone number if someone in my area, or anywhere, wants to know about you and your nice cars.

Bob Mullins

Byrdstown, TN

February, 2005

Dear Leon,

Words cannot express how happy I am with the Grand Wagoneer you sold us. I truly have a very special vehicle resting comfortably in my garage. .....I'm glad I had the patience to wait for my perfect vehicle. Thanks to your efforts, I have a Grand Wagoneer to love for a very long time. I'll be sure to send photos and will gladly be a reference for Wagonmaster.

Bob Maas

Raleigh, NC


January 21, 2005
Greetings from Germany! 

Hi, Leon... Nearly a year has passed since I had contacted you for the last time, and much has happened during this time. Together with my father I had a really pleasing six week holiday in the New England states, using the maiden voyage of the Queen Mary 2 to New York for the transatlantic crossing. On Martha's Vineyard and especially Nantucket Island we have seen so many beautiful Grand Wagoneers, it was a real pleasure. During a short trip to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, last February I met a nice young interpreter named Natalie, and we got to know and like each other so much that we have married two days before last Christmas. When she will have finished her examination for the doctor's degree in German language, she will emigrate to Germany this summer to stay here forever. And my Grand Wagoneer has had the honor to be the vehicle which drove us to the wedding. It was looking great among all the Lincoln Limos of the other couples. Sadly we forgot to take some pictures... .....All the best for you and your family and - of course - your business for 2005! You are doing a great job! Kind

Regards, Klaus Schmitz

Duesseldorf Germany




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