Here are the answers to some questions we are frequently asked.

Why not advertise "0" miles in your Wagonmaster renewal work since you are basically starting over?

The reason we do not touch the odometer on our vehicles is because it is illegal! It is against the law to change or roll back or misrepresent the actual mileage. Even though the engine may have been rebuilt and the body restored, you are still required by law to report the actual miles on a vehicle. The law does not allow you to change or replace the odometer. So don't be misled when you see someone offering a vehicle with 0 miles. I have found the quickest and best way to determine true mileage is to do a CARFAX or AUTOCHECK search or history, using the VIN (vehicle identification number). The VIN number should be provided by the seller, and should be part of your "due diligence" on any vehicle you are considering for purchase. It is not an expensive process, and it is an important one.
We pride ourselves on buying very low mile vehicles, and we guarantee those miles to be accurate and actual. Remember, Grand Wagoneers have a 6 digit odometer, excluding the 1/10th-mile digit.
It is a serious matter for a seller to misrepresent the mileage on any vehicle, so "buyer beware" and do your homework. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. For the buyer's protection, the following statement appears on all state certificates of title, under the heading ODOMETER CERTIFICATION: "FEDERAL AND STATE LAW REQUIRE THAT YOU STATE THE MILEAGE IN CONNECTION WITH TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP.FAILURE TO COMPLETE OR PROVIDING A FALSE STATEMENT MAY RESULT IN FINES OR IMPRISONMENT." From years of experience, I would advise prospective buyers to steer clear of extremely high mile vehicles of any kind.

Do we buy Grand Wagoneers?

Yes! provided they're low mileage (70k & under), clean, never damaged and rust free. Over 90% of our purchases come from individual owners who have seen this website and decided to call for a quote from the WAGONMASTER. Let us know what you have to sell---we may be your best buyer!

What about purchases from eBay? 

Be wary of eBay. Though I have purchased a few Woodys on eBay myself, novice buyers should approach an eBay purchase with caution. I often see misleading information from sellers on eBay. It is sometimes difficult to determine the condition of the unit, and as with any other eBay purchase, you should review the seller's profile carefully before bidding or buying.

Do you perform appraisals for Grand Wagoneers?

No. Wagonmaster does not perform appraisals for Grand Wagoneers.

Do you provide financing?

Wagonmaster is not in the financing business. But, if you are credit worthy, there are several national companies that will loan on classic cars. They all have an online application process (or a phone interview if you'd rather) and most will give you a same-day decision. Here are a couple of sources of lending that our customers have been using: JJBest Bank. Go to: www.JJBest.com Another excellent lender is LightStream. Their website is www.lightstream.com (Please note: Wagonmaster is not connected with either of these sources of lending...only as a means of referral.)

Will Wagonmaster arrange for delivery of my "new" Grand Wagoneer?

Yes! We work with several auto transport haulers who do door-to-door delivery. They are insured and bonded and will perform the delivery for approximately 1.20¢ per one-way mile.

Does Wagonmaster offer a warranty plan?

No. We have never offered a warranty plan or guarantee. There are such programs available through various firms or institutions if you so desire, however, our professional restore program should provide you considerable peace of mind in this area. The quality bar is set high.

I'm from out of state; Do I pay taxes and registration fees in Texas?

No, you will take care of those fees when you register your Jeep in your home state.

Can I use the cheaper grade of gasoline without damage to my Grandwagoneer?

Yes. Your Grand Wagoneer has been "tuned" to use Regular unleaded 87 octane. The following information is taken directly from the owner's manual.
"Your vehicle was designed to meet all emission regulations and provide excellent fuel economy when using high-quality unleaded gasoline. Use unleaded gasoline having a minimum posted octane of 87. In addition to using unleaded gasoline with the proper octane rating, those that contain detergents, corrosion and stability additives are recommended. Using gasoline that has these additives will help improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and maintain vehicle performance. Generally, premium unleaded gasoline contains more additive than regular unleaded." 

Optional Equipment

New and updated optional equipment now available and professionally installed in your reborn Wagonmaster Grand Wagoneer.


All buyers will have the option (at no additional charge) of either:
Alpine CDE-143BT with: Single-disc CD, AM-FM Radio, iPod, MP3, and Advanced Blue Tooth or Alpine CDE-145SXM with: Single-disc CD, AM-FM Radio, iPod, MP3, and SiriusXM Tuner.


We have a new version of the Headrest Videos. This one will be $895 for a pair, installed. Each passenger can watch what they want and they use wireless headphones for sound, so the driver can still listen to the radio, up front.


Color-Coded Rear Shoulder/Lap Seat Belts @ $295/Set. Complete & Installed. Grand Wagoneers were originally designed with three lap belts in the rear seat. We can now install, at buyers request, new color-coded rear shoulder/lap seat belts.


New Style EuroliteXenon Crystal Headlamps@ $150/Set, Installed For the latest look and improved driving visibility, we will install these headlamps at buyer's request.


Professionally Installed Heated Front Seats (2) with Dual Controls @ $495 Complete.


Ask About Our Complete Professional Color-Change Make-Over (Repaint) For $9,000.



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