Wagonmaster Ranch Cap

Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Product image 1Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Product image 2Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Product image 3Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Product image 4Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Product image 5Wagonmaster Ranch Cap
Product image 6Wagonmaster Ranch Cap

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Six-Panel Perfection • Vented
Cool Looking •  Cool Wearing

THE STORY:  We were feeling a little guilty keeping our Ranch Caps all to ourselves, so we had a small batch crafted with the right details that make these true Wagonmaster quality.  

THE FIT:  Just the right depth from top of your head to settling in right on your ear.  For front to back sizing, we went with the classic, snap-back, size-o-matic strap thing so you can lock it down just right and have the option to loan it to your spouse (actually, why not just order a couple, so you don't have to be swapping out hats all the time).

(High Speed Instructions:  while we prefer the brim pointing forward to show the world the official Wagonmaster ranch logo, we recommend for speeds above 35mph that you turn the cap 180 degrees to improve aerodynamic efficiency.)

THE COLORS:  Wagonmasters are sold all over the world, so different styles, fashions, seasons and hobbies dictate a wide range of colors to please the Wagonmaster fan base.  For this batch, we sweated the details and came up with five custom color combinations that will keep you happy from New Guinea to Nantucket and all points in between.

    • Quad Black - Black 2 5/8" Deep Brim; Black Bow Panel; Back Vent, Black Button.
    • Field Camo - Camo Brim; Camo Front Panel; Olive Brown Vent; No button (so you can wear over the head hearing protection or flight headsets without having the pressure point of the button pushing down on your head).
    • Cool GreyThe ultimate, go with anything, city to country to sea shore Wagonmaster color.  Cool Grey Brim and Front Panel; Just Right White Vents; Grey Button.
    • Flash Orange - Use it for hunting, for being seen (we have spotted these up to a mile away with a clarity that defies logic) or just locked down as you favorite color of choice.  Constructed with a traffic cone orange brim and front panel; Tan Side Vents; and the pièce de résistance orange top button.
    • Olive Master - The PERFECT olive green color - seriously.  Olive Green Brim and Front Panel; Light Tan Side Vents; Olive Green Top Button.  This is one of our team's favorites.

THE GUARANTEE:  We guarantee these caps to proudly portray you as a card carrying member of the international Wagonmaster family of Grand Wagoneer fanatics.  We can't guarantee free admission to restaurants or sporting events, but we're sure you will be getting thumbs ups from passing drivers and fellow devotees anywhere you go.

ADVICE:  Purchase all five, because life is short and the quantities are limited.  Plus, grab a couple matching stickers for your cooler and to slap on the side window of the Wagonmaster.

Yours Truly,

The Wagonmaster Design Team



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