’83 JEEP WAGONEER LIMITED – 4X4 – Bl #1897



Complete Wagonmaster Renewal/Restoration
Every vehicle we purchase, regardless of mileage or heritage, undergoes a full mechanical workover:

Replacing/rebuilding/renewing all major and minor components such as new radiator, fan clutch, water pump, thermostat, new 90 amp alternator, new Howell Fuel Injection System, fuel pump and filter and sending unit, power steering pump, and all of their connecting hoses and belts. New spark plugs, wires, vacuum lines and connections, new oil pump for better oil pressure, new double-roller timing chain and timing gear, new HEI electronic distributor (eliminating the old ignition module issues), smog pump and related emissions systems including the EGR and PCV valves, new A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator flushed and system tested and recharged, duct work dismantled and cleaned. Fuel tank and lines evaluated and replaced where required. All old metal tanks are removed (pre1980) and the new polyethylene tanks installed. Compression test all valves, inspect pistons and rings and make necessary improvements, heads removed and inspected, resealed, valve cover gaskets replaced. Replace front and rear main seals, check and replace motor mounts, remove oil pan and inspect crankshaft, cam shaft, and replace bearings. When completed, the engine has been resealed and leak-checked vigorously. New front and rear wheel bearings, service and adjust steering gear box, inspect u joints, front and rear, transfer case serviced, inspect and service transmission and inspect and test 2 and 4 wheel drive capability, shift functions. Install new front rotors and rear drums, replace shoes and pads, inspect brake lines and fittings, flush the brake system and refill with fresh brake fluid, service master cylinder and test for performance. Install new shocks and dual steering stabilizers, upper and lower control arms, ball joints, and tie rods disassembled and renewed and bushings replaced. Exhaust manifold inspected, gaskets replaced, and install new muffler, 50 state-approved catalytic converter and tailpipe, then recondition and undercoat the entire underside to prevent rust and insure longevity. We mount renewed original Wagoneer wheels for the appropriate year and 4 new white sidewall tires, balanced with weights on the inside for the best appearance. All vehicles then undergo an extensive test-drive regimen, and another final checklist evaluation and readjustment process before shipping. Being satisfied that all of the mechanical needs have been addressed we go to work on the electrical: door locks, windows, tailgate, lights, switches, controls, power seats, and install new Alpine AM/FM/CD player with the latest features and new speakers. And finally the interior (carpet, seats, headliner, door panels, and trim) and exterior renewal that speaks for itself (which includes professional paint, body work, door and glass work and weather-stripping, and woodgrain where/when necessary) in the pictures online.

Additional Information:

Vehicle ID:1897
Color:Dark Blue with Saddle Tan Leather Interior
Engine:5.9L (360 CID) V8 - with NEW FUEL INJECTION!
Trailer Tow Pkg:3500 lb. Tow Package
Destination:Wagonmaster Alumni Being Updated Now! Great Color Combo!

Call for further info and a test drive
Telephone: 830-660-5187
Fax: 830-896-1355

No warranty is issued or implied with the sale of this vehicle.
Sale will be “as is” with no guarantee. Seller warrants the certificate of title to be free of all liens and encumbrances.

Last Updated on: November 23rd, 2017